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Mia Randall: Soprano

There's nothing quite like the beautiful, flowing and lyrical sounds of a soprano vocalist to bring just the right depth of meaning and intimacy
to your ceremony --
and Mia Randall is the
perfect choice!

  • as a final prelude to help focus guests on the ceremony right before the processionals start,    

  • as processional music itself,   

  • as an interlude during the ceremony (for example, right after the vows are taken),  

  • as a final celebratory blessing, after the couple is pronounced married and before the recessional,  

  • and as an important part of a mass ceremony, particularly the communion.

A vocalist is an elegant addition to your ceremony. . .

Click on the demos below to hear Mia Randall!

"Her voice was truly out of this world. It was exactly what I wanted for my wedding. She has the type of voice that gives you chills. I have received numerous compliments on the wedding music and in particular everyone has said, 'I loved the singer.' I know that many people in my family were moved to tears because the music was so beautiful. Mia also did a wonderful job at picking up the cues of when to sing...I really cannot thank you enough or compliment Mia's singing ability enough. She made the ceremony the beautiful ceremony that I dreamed of, and I am truly grateful to her for that. She has an amazing gift and I am just fortunate that she was able to share that gift on my wedding day!"



-- Newlywed, Quincy, MA

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